Man Massages

For men looking for relaxing moments and escape from everyday life.

Tantra Basic Massage for man

Basic Tantra

Try an unforgettable sense experience.

120€ 60 min.
Kundalini Tantric Massage

Kundalini Tantra

For those who want to deepen the tantric experience.

170€ 90 min.
Masaje Body to body Tantra

Body to body Tantra

A feeling of protection, warmth and energy.

140€ 60 min.
Masaje Tantra Seduction

Lotus Massage

The art of seducing

200€ 60 min.
Masaje Nuru


Air of Japan on the skin

160€ 60 min.

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Man Benefits

Discover how the Tantra massages help men

Lotus, tantric and erotic massage in Tenerife

The body is recharged with positive energy and new strength to face the future.

Man Massage
Specific breathing exercises at the beginning of each massage together with the loving maneuvers done by the therapist will give you great benefits on premature ejaculation control.
The guided focus ​​on physical sensations, instead of letting mind thoughts and problems prevail, helps eliminate anxiety in sexual approach.
By learning new ways of living sexuality during the massage you can duplicate some techniques and new feelings in your sexual life with your partner and it will dramatically improve sexual performance.
Our customers are always surprised to notice how in few therapies can solve erectile problems due to the expansion of sexual energy.
Thanks to our therapists low sex drive is overcome, by learning to be a less obvious and beyond the stereotypes imposed by society in sexual approach.
Tantra helps get rid of mental blocks and to loosen up, allowing those who have difficulty in reaching orgasm to try a full and satisfying pleasure, not only during the massage but also in private life.
Unlocking Chakras moves many feelings, heals, relieves heaviness of heart that can be felt in a difficult period of time. Pains caused by a betrayal, the loss of a loved one, periods of depression are relieved and the person released from any emotional weight. The body is recharged with positive energy and new strength to face the future.
During the massage many tensions due to stress and anxiety are relieved, either physically, but especially mentally and energetically. This deep relaxation can solve problems of migraine or insomnia.
We all know that massage is a way to help to know our own body. Particularly in Tantra we can have a greater awareness of own physics aspect. Thanks to the sensations felt the woman is able to accept her own body, after big changes, operations, pregnancy, slimming and so on. The body expands as it didn�t have physical limits. The skin only becomes a fine line between us and the energy that surrounds us. You get to feel one thing with the universe, coming back to a primary meaning of existence, each one is beautiful because it is life and pure energy, recovering self-esteem and self-confidence.
The gentle touch of Tantra, rich in love for the person may be very useful in cases of violence or sexual abuse. It allows you to have the right to live your sexuality in a full and satisfactory way, due to a gradual re introduction into the sexual field in a more sweet and caring sexual sphere.