Tantra Seduction Massage

Learn the secrets of female seduction.

Our Tantra Seduction Massage has been created for all men who want to discover what is the secret that lies behind the subtle art of female seduction. Why does it seem that women always hold all the cards when they choose a partner?

What is the thing that man miss out but at the same time is so seductive?
With this massage you will have the chance to learn various techniques readjusted for man who will let you know exactly how a woman wants to be touched. That will allow you to improve significantly your sexual performances with your partner.

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Everyday from 9.00 a.m. to 23.00 p.m.

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Tantra Lotus massage for man

Tantra seduction massage for man 200€

60 min.

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Help to

stimulate the imagination, be better lovers, control premature ejaculation, improve sexual performance, in case of low sex drive, solve erection problems, in case of difficulty to reach climax, eliminate anxiety, accept your own body, regain self-confidence, regain self-esteem, overcome depression, eliminate stress.

This massage is a real discovery, a journey between feeling, perceiving and learning how to be good in bed for your own partner.

You will be guided from the very first moment to learn the gestures and the sensitivity that is necessary to have the touch of Tantra in your hands.

What happens in the massage

Tantra Seduction massage takes place in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

First will start with a brief course on female erogenous zones and then move on to relaxation exercises, breathing and feminine seduction.

At the end of the sequence will be execute a Lingam massage,not only an "happy ending" massage, but a sequence of precise techniques performed manually in the intimate area and studied to reach a more intense and longer orgasm.

Tantra Benefits

Discover the benefits of Tantra massage for men, women and couples

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