Nuru Massage

Air of Japan on the skin.

Nuru massage is dedicated to all those who want to try a body to body massage that gives a new sensation on the skin. In fact we use a particular gel extracted by the Japanese Nori seaweed. This gel also have soothing properties against eczema and peeling of the skin, has a viscous consistency that allows the body to slide very quickly, giving a very funny sensation and absolutely incomparable to any other massage product.

On contrary to what you might imagine, the sequence of this massage does not consist in a simple, unchanging and repetitive slipping of a body on another body, but a real evolving "dance", reminding of the elegant gestures done by the Geishas in the famous Toruko-buro (Japanese Turkish baths) and that requires a great skill from the therapist.

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Everyday from 9.00 a.m. to 23.00 p.m.

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Nuru Massage for man

Nuru massage for man 160€

60 min.

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Help to

stimulate fantasy, break the monotony, give relief and moisturize the skin, control premature ejaculation, improve sexual performance, in case of low sex drive, solve erection problems, in case of difficulty to reach climax, eliminate anxiety, accept your own body, regain self-confidence, regain self-esteem, overcome depression, eliminate stress.

Nuru is a massage that fully restore sexual energy, very useful for those who has sexual performance anxiety or premature ejaculation, increase self-esteem and help regain self-confidence and to accept your own body.

Beside relaxing the body, it’s a very funny massage that awakes sexual fantasy helping anyone who has noticed a lack of sexual desire due to monotony.

What happens in the massage

Nuru massage will take place on a comfortable mattress with waterproof surface.

An oriental music will follow you in your journey towards relaxation while you will experience a first contact of the gel on your body.

First will be made ​​a manual massage to loosen the tension and stress, then He will vigorously rub the entire body by working landslides.

At the end of the sequence you will receive a Sumata massage, not onlyan "happy ending" massage, in the intimate zone, but the sequence of techniques in which are mainly used in order feet, legs and hands.

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